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Hello! my name is DragonLoverManiak. i have a tanisy of bad spelling. and i can't approve it. so people have to try to understad me. sorry. but i do make things called flipnotes from Hatena. my dsi name is mattdragon. i make a sires called Dragon snive. it's prety darn good. the names are below. i actuly started a midevil fantisy (meaning hase dragons for exsaple) but stop doing that. now i started dragon snivy sires. of cores from my first flipnot it will not be vary good because i was new to it. over time i got vary much batter. i did stop making flipnotes because i lost intres. only way to get me bake at doing it is if i get motevated. if not than it will be a long time to get back to doing it again. but i have a diffrent voice talent that i use for the Dragon Snivy sires. calvin (the dragon snivy) and his friend deirold (normal snivy male) is my normal voice but i try a bit to sound calvins voice a bit high and deirolds voice a bit low but still my normal voice.

wow. 506 views on this! how come i am not geting notis on my art?

i am proving i have another talint. music making. i have a big imaginason person.

i make up storys. i try to learn more by puting comments here and there so hopefully people will join. if you don't like that. palitly say so. don't be mean. i unfav one because of that. but if you be nice to me i will give you a lamma! owo and and continue friendly, friend list.

again i been yelled at. but theis time it was after making a small story. i unfav that one to. i hate finding the mean ones. be nice and i would fav more. but be mean i remove all the favs and will block you. you know, if you are mean to me, and mock me, you are taking a chance that i could ruin your life. did you ever thought of that? i could make your art unfavable and can ban you for meanes. for ciberbulling. and you are taking that chance at that? so make your choises wishly. say stop nicely and i would. be mean and you will likely lose a lot. be the bigets meany and i would do everything in my power to get you band. NOW BE NICE! I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT! BE NICE!

old broken dsi>>…
new now dsi>>…

the old dsi wi-fi broke and im little worred my now dsi is starting to do that.

i also make a music video that comeants say imprasive work. but that's up to you. the video is called :brother firetribe ASOME video" asome i spelled wrong. but i was not the one how post it. it was the one how was playing the elactric piano how post it. i did not know it was on the internet till some random person in school said she like my video. i did not tipe the name so my word asome is not in the name.

music video:…

and last I LOVE RAPTILES!! DRAGONS I LOVE!! to tell how much. i collact picher, posters, books, toys, stacus movies, games and anything that's about dragons. even hope to open a dragon museom. even though that's highly unlikly. but who knows? in pokemon im geting into snivy because my friend blue snivy from flipnote wi-fi got me into it.

if you came here to find out, "who is my ciricter?" well here's the anser. me. but in myth ways. i know. i need to think reality. but i do. my ciricter has amazing thing that i do not. but we both have the same persinality. i think if i was a mighty hero what i would do. that's my ciricter. but the rile me. i just an avrig person with big imaginason. i do think to of good deeds. but my ciricter save many lives. he has a mato: "my name is matthew, gardean of the myths, protacter of the inasints, definder that is right and good." his doty is to remove evil. to keep everything balints. the other me have powers and strong armer that is dimond, clear on outside but start go in turns red.if you read his powers there would be so much that you would probibly think "he is to powerfull. no one sould be that powerfull." but i toke 5 years to get them. he lost them all because of a great war that he had to sacritfice his powers to save the world and galicsy. but at age 25, he got back into advanters and got his powers back and contenued his sworn doty of goodness. even though im still young. his powers are eliments. fire, lightning, ice, water, grass, ground and air. he has power of light and dark. even though he dos not use dark power vary rarly. he also has the power to tern hemself into anything he wants to be. he only do it if he gos to diffrint. oh, he also can taleport to other worlds and time/space dimantson. also just time. he as 5 favorit forms. he can turn into dragons. this was first befor could turn anything. 1. 4 laged dragon with wigs, could turn into normal or difrint elimints. 2. hafe humen and hafe green dragon. or anthro we call it now. 3. rad dragon. more scary looking. more powerfull and more musculer. when he turn into it rad flams shot around hime and change. he got this for from rage and anger. he lost contral on first time and it toke love to contral it.  4. black. VARY STROUNG. VARY musculer. and huge. he is so scary that people that don't know fear and/or NEVER EVER get sceard would tramble in fear of this dragon. when he turns into this black flames shot around him.  i forgot how he got this. and last 5. the most powerfull of them all. this one was use to help defeat the evil in the great war. it a holy dragon. wightish and bit brown.  avrig musel but stronger than 4. he also have the power of obsorbson and can absorb and unabsorb anything. but to be safe its alwas to armor size and down. he got the abilety to ander stad any languig by a little micen he obsorbs. if he finds new languig it takes time for it to figer it out and translat. he is to powerfull. i kbow. and yes he did lose contral rarly. but alwas stroungly contrald. i know i am not him. i'm just an avrig kid and dos gimes and make up storys. i know i am NOT my ciricter. but don't we all think of a hero inside all of as? i know my iner hero. he also trys to comfert one who alwas try to comfert the one who are shy, mantaly broke down, in diprason or/and are in dinial. they why she said it sound like see is dinial of her beuty. so my ciricter will try to ceer her up the bast he can. or all his power to free her from her sorrow. or is i discas of what they become. like anthros that they did not whant to be and think their agly. he trys to comfert them. but when he gets to ones who are cofedint in themself and not asame of themself than he would not comfer them and try not to be nere them onlass they need to be save of cores.

the macure part of my cericter is he did have s** with lots of people and crecures. and even time he DID NOT want to. but because his heroic deeds and his kind heart, womans just want to do it for him. he did ask the god of love: "why do females keep doing this to me?" it's about his looks, persinality and deeds that's what makes female do it for him. he dos sometimes not happy at time when he is fors to do it when he did not want to. and like obave he would not do it to the confedint ones. anlass he has no choise.

so that is my myth ciricter even though i try the protacter of the inasints, definder that is right and good in was that is posible. even though it never came to that yat.

i making a story so you could see his persinality. even though it's way a head so i would make cut to the case. or exsplaning his mamory. but it will be some time till it's done. i'm still at the biggening. i'll updait below of my prosas.



I am Clavin, The Dragon Snivy!
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United States
if i can get my self out of lazyness; i make darn good things.

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